About Us

About Us

Veda Essence is built upon pure ideologies of Ayurveda and aim to bring together the best from mother nature from across the globe.

Our products are consciously curated to not only nurture your skin but to invigorate the five senses and offering a holistic experience.

Our intent at Veda is to present the natural, skin benefiting solutions that pamper and care for your skin instead of damaging it in long run. We specialise in Cold process Natural Oil based Soaps and bring to you over 30 different types of soap each specially curated to address every different skin type.

With our carefully researched recipes befitting every individual's skin needs, you can cleanse and nourish your skin with all natural Veda products.

Handpicked essential and aromatic oils blended for specific skin types or conditions leaving you with a variety to choose from.

So let your skin breath and live healthy and say Goodbye to all things Chemical !!


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