My Soap Diaries

My Soap Diaries

Dear O’ skin

Sitting in the lounge of an upbeat salon and observing people come and go. Blemishes , pigmentation , wrinkles, acne and what not – there’s one for everyone. I started wondering how these salons and corporates go hand in hand selling us pricey hopes of a healthy skin and try masking the troubles from the top. And the result, we are back into the salon month after month and ever ready to part away a portion of our paycheck.

Its an EMI towards a vicious circle of hope and these cosmetic companies very well know the art to keep you willingly hooked on. I had this funny epiphany that all us of across masses and classes seem glad getting a face wrap for thousands of bucks each month but do everything to rip our skin for the rest of the month.

HOW???? Did we ever think what is one element that touches our skin at least twice a day and what is it made of ? Yes, I am talking about the SOAP, the most essential of our daily skin and body care. 99% of the soaps available in the market have everything to lead us to every possible skin problem of today.

Phthalates, SLS etc are present in every commercially produced soap which is not only harmful for the skin and the environment but the fumes from such leads to damaging eyes, heart and lungs. SLS based soap bars are nothing but chemical cleaning agents with soapy qualities and are not soaps in technical terms. There has to be a better way ----- This is where my hunt began.

True soap should contain top quality fatty oils to nurture and replenish your skin, lye – an alkaline solution to clean and aromatic oils to leave you with a refreshing experience. The only process that retains the true essence of these ingredients in fact is the Cold Process of Soap Making (Refer to my other blog – Cold Process vs Hot Process vs Melt n Pour) and takes 3 weeks to produce each batch.

So, by it’s virtue, aint commercially viable for large corporations since all they think about is scale and profits . Well our skin doesn’t need that any more. Veda Essence ( ) is built upon pure ideologies of Ayurveda and aim to bring together the best from mother nature from across the globe.

Our products are consciously curated to not only nurture your skin but to invigorate the five senses and offering a holistic experience. Handpicked essential and aromatic oils blended for specific skin types or conditions leaving you with a variety to choose from. So let your skin breath and live healthy and so do you.

You deserve the best , Take care.


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Dear O’ skin

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