The Veda Story

The Veda Story

Veda Essence - Hand crafted Body Essentials came into being when a mother went about looking for a skin care solution for her baby and couldn’t zero down a single product that she could confidently adopt for her son's skin cleansing needs off the retail aisle.

A Research professional, this mother took to the extensive world of google to look into the hows and whys of cleaning and caring of skin and body. It was this unsuspecting urge to know how in ancient times people cleansed and cared for their body when there were no processed body wash and soap manufacturers that led to unravelling of the most beautiful , natural and long forgotten way to create body cleansers out of oils.

Yes you read it right - A Soap made out of Oil - free from parabens, chemicals, SLS's , lab created colors and additives. A purely organic natural way to cleanse your skin without stripping it off of its natural softness . And hence Veda Essence came into being to offer you the goodness of all things natural and create an awareness of how we can make a difference in our lives by going the natural way.

A visit to any supermart today will reveal umpteen number of brands claiming to be natural , skin loving and effective cleansers but the truth is far from reality , a detailed look at the description written in tiny fonts will reveal the truth.

Our intent at Veda is to present the natural, skin benefitting solutions that pamper and care for your skin instead of damaging it in long run. We specialize in Cold process Natural Oil based Soaps and bring to you over 30 different types of soap each specially curated to address every different skin type. With our carefully researched recipes befitting every individual's skin needs, you can cleanse and nourish your skin with all natural Veda products.

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